Dear audience members,

as for most theatres and event-holding organisations, the latest government measures taken to help prevent the spread of Covid19 have left us with tough calls to make.

At Open House Theatre, we need to take action without panicking or causing panic.

We had many upcoming productions planned for 2020, but on public safety grounds WE HAVE DECIDED TO POSTPONE ALL OPEN HOUSE THEATRE EVENTS INDEFINITELY.

These are projects that are dear to us all and we know that many of you would have enjoyed them with us, but whether we can fit fewer than 100 people in a room to create a legal event or not has become irrelevant in our opinion. Hosting any gathering of people in the current situation seems to create unnecessary risk, and we are not willing to take that risk for any reason.

Government measures against the spread of Covid19 are in place to protect vulnerable members of our society, and we believe that we should respect those measures and the reasoning behind them wholeheartedly.

Artistically and financially this move will hit us hard, both as individuals and as a company funded by ticket sales. We will be keeping a close eye on our options for later in 2020, and we will do our best to keep working with fantastic performers and theatres as soon as the situation allows. Currently however, there is too much uncertainty to press ahead with our projects, as we do not yet know when events will be freely open to the public again.

We ask for your understanding and hope for your support in this matter, and we would love to see you in the audience with us again as soon as we can safely get shows back up and running in Vienna.

All the best,
Your Open House Theatre team.