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Dick Whittington and His Cat

by Julia C. Thorne

A poor orphan boy sets out to make his fortune in London. He soon make friends with a clever little girl called Alice and a talented, though greedy, cat named Jess. But he also has an enemy, the crafty King Rat, who is constantly plotting against Dick and his friends... Dick sets out on an adventure that takes him all the way to the Sultan of Marrakesh and back to London, where a great future awaits him - if he can stay ahead of King Rat…

A lively adaptation of the classic English folk tale with plenty of audience participation, comedy, music and even a bit of puppetry!


We take this directly into schools!
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In any school.

Who's on stage?

Julia c. thorne
Julia C. Thorne
Dick Whittington
Dana pro%cc%88tsch
Dana Prötsch
Tom middler
Tom Middler
King Rat