Cbi workshop

CBI Workshop

by Robert Marchand

We are thrilled to announce that Open House Theatre will once again be hosting award-winning Australian film director Robert Marchand, as he brings his CBI Workshop to Vienna, offering a very unique experience for Viennese based Actors and Directors; the process in which British director Mike Leigh uses to create his films.

"…an intensive five day experience! Not only do you learn a great method for creating films using character-based improvisation, you are handed lots of valuable tools for working with scripted material."

"There are two strands running simultaneously, one for actors, one for directors. Actors create detailed, complex characters, building them over several days; directors get a Masterclass in the process and are then let loose with the actors! It’s a lot of fun and may change the way you work."

Robert Marchand has been hailed as Australia’s foremost expert in the Character-based Improvisation Process, and with over 100 workshops already to his name, this is a wonderful opportunity, with very limited spaces!


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