Apartment 3A by Jeff Daniels © Eduardo Mandim


Unfortunately, the remaining performances of "Apartment 3A" have to be cancelled due to illness in the cast. If you have already purchased tickets for one of the performances online, we will contact you shortly.

Apartment 3A
by Jeff Daniels

Annie Wilson is having a bad day. After she catches her boyfriend in an acrobatic act of infidelity, she then has a televised melt-down during her job running telethons on the local PBS station. With her world turned upside down, and her faith in mankind shaken, she moves into a shabby apartment. But beyond the peeling paint and the lousy view, "Apartment 3A" may be the most magical move Annie has ever made.

A sparkling romantic comedy by critically acclaimed actor Jeff Daniels, "Apartment 3A" is a treasure trove of quiet and humorous revelations as Annie confronts her fears and opens her heart to an unexpected suitor.

Originally scheduled for May 2020, we are finally able to bring you this densely layered, poignant comedy. Because if one thing is certain in these uncertain times: we all deserve a good laugh!

Produced under license of Samuel French Ltd.


...a brilliantly crafted play... - West Sacramento Press

...his most passionate and inventive work yet... - Michigan Daily

...a funny, clever, four character comedy... - Detroit News

Show Details

Recommended for age 16 and above.

Explicit language is used in the show.

The length of the performance is approx. 2.5 hours, including a 20 min. intermission.


Alix Martin | Annie Wilson

Alix was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she had the opportunity to begin studying acting at a young age. After attending the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, the LA County High School for the Arts, and the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television, she moved on to the Professional Theater Training Program at the University of Wisconsin. Upon leaving school, she was lucky to work professionally on stage for several years before a brief foray into law school landed her in Vienna. Her favorite past roles include Viola in “Twelfth Night”, Malalai in “The Afghan Women”, Sorel in “Hay Fever”, Dancer in “The Eight: Reindeer Monologues”, and Inez in “No Exit”. Since moving to Vienna in 2007, Alix has worked extensively as a voice actor in addition to her stage work. She joined the board of Open House Theatre in 2019.

Doug Andrews | Elliot Brown

Doug Andrews is excited to return to the stage with Open House Theater.  He has previously appeared in productions such as Jerry Finnegan’s Sister (Theatermenschen - Linz), "Boeing, Boeing” (Art 4 Charity - Vienna), “The Great American Trailer Park Musical” (WYO Theater, U.S.A.) and “Sherlock: A Study in Scarlet” (Open House Theater – Vienna).  Originally from Wyoming, U.S.A., Doug studied vocal performance at The University of Montana, which brought him to Vienna on a study abroad program in 2000.  Since then, he has traveled throughout Europe and the U.S., honing his craft as a songwriter and moonlighting as a voice-over artist.

Randall Galera | Donald Peterson

A New York native currently in Vienna, Austria, Randall got his start at Meyer Levin performing Arts School in NY. Starting work in Radio moving from markets such as Anchorage, Reno, and Phoenix, Randall then produced projects in Poland such at Leba Active beach, Bring the Beat music video, and a host of commercials. He then persued an MA in Audio Visual Media arts at RISEBA in Riga Latvia, and most recently trained at Vienna's English Theatre Academy. Randall enjoys acting and producing, fencing, archery, golf and gaming.

Dani Spampinato | Dal

Dani Spampinato studied Performing Arts at the Musical Theatre Academy in Catania, and acting at VETA (Vienna's English Theatre Academy). He works in Austria, Germany, and Italy as an actor, musical performer, singer and musician. He has appeared as Eddie Birdlace in "Dogfight" as well as Herbert Pocket in "Great Expectations" at Vienna’s English Theater, he has been Jonathan Harker in Thomas Koziol's "Dracula" and Angus in “Cows - Das Musical". He can be heard as a studio singer and narrator on the German Albums of " Memphis – das Musical""Ghost - Nachricht von Sam" and " Flashdance". He leads and MCs the "AfterJam" at Vienna’s English Theater and he is active as songwriter and guitarist as the front man of the band “500lire”.


Robert G. Neumayr | Director

Robert studied musical theatre at Performing Arts Studios Vienna. After graduating, engagements took him to the Raimund Theater, Theater der Jugend, Opera Graz, Volkstheater and the off-theatre scene in Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Bolzano and Ljubljana. Years ago his focus shifted and he’s been predominantly working as an author and director. Since then one of his latest directorial endeavours took him to the renowned Volksbühne Berlin. Directing credits include “The Right Job”, “The Turn of the Screw”, “A Christmas Carol”; the Austrian premieres of “The Timekeepers”, “Hypnosis”, “Brothers of Thunder”, the European premiere of "STRAIGHT", which toured Vienna, Berlin and Hamburg, as well as the world premiere of “Hochgeschätztes Tiefparterre”. He is also Open House Theatre’s Artistic Director.

Ricky McMurry | Assistant Director & Tony

Ricky was born in Dallas, Texas. He developed a love for theatre early in life, which led him to write and direct his first play when he was eighteen years old. Four years later, in 2018, he graduated from Beloit College and earned a degree in directing and playwriting. During this time, he produced and directed several shows outside of school, getting a head start on his theatre career. He now lives in Vienna, working on original scripts and getting involved in various local theatre projects. He has worked with Open House Theatre on several productions including “Viel Lärm um Nichts”, “Zwei Haare auf der Brus”t, “The Effect”, and “A Christmas Carol” as well as writing their adaptation of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. In addition to his directing and playwriting work, he also maintains a side business as a script doctor, helping other playwrights improve their dialogue, characters, and plots.

Jessica Bannister-Pearce | Lighting Design

Jessica is a bit of a theatre veteran, having spent most of her adult life working in the theatre in one job or another. As comfortable off stage as on, there are few things she hasn’t done to the keep a show running. Originally from the South Wales valleys, she trained in performing arts at a local college. From there she’s had a varied career, highlights include working at the Edinburgh fringe festival as a lighting designer, writing a 30 minute comedy Western version of Shakespeare’s Scottish play, and finally teaching drama to young students. She moved to Vienna in 2016 with her wife Lynda and Geri the African Grey parrot. These days she’s never happier that being surrounded by tech or being in a theatre. If she can do both, its even better. Away from The stage, Jessica works as an aviation journalist and enjoys collecting old computers, like some kind of mad cat lady, but with old Apple Macs. She’s a founding member of Vienna’s only improvised Musical group Salon Spontan, where she makes up the lighting cues as her colleagues make up the rest. Jessica joined Open House Theatre in 2019 for “The Effect” and has been here ever since. She is incredibly happy to be on this Production of “Apartment 3A”.

Raoul Rettberg | Set Design

Raoul studied acting at the First Filmacademy in Vienna, where he graduated in 2014. He played mostly in the off-theatre scene in Vienna and Graz, later he toured Austria with the Österreichische Länderbühne Wien and the Kontaktiertheater. Among others he played in Brave New World in the Off-Theatre, No Exit In Graz and Täter in The Ateliertheater. He was also seen 2019 in the yearly Christmas Carol with Open House Theatre. Lateley he’s moving behind the stage and working set design. He first made the Set for Open House Theatre’s Christmas Carol in 2021 and now for "Apartement 3A".


"One Night Only" by Salon Spontan

Open House has helped bring to live Vienna's first purely improvised musical!

What makes a successful musical? Great emotions, a bombastic stage set, enchanting costumes, breathtaking choreography, a story to root for and, of course, the stirring music!

All of that is missing in "One Night Only" - but with your help 5 "spontanists" will invent an unprecedented, unique evening full of theatre and music.


Head on over to Salon Spontan to find out all the dates and details!

One Night Only - Salon Spontan