Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls,

Over the past season, Open House Theatre has gone from strength to strength, and the achievements made by each and every company member are something we can all be proud of.

That being said, we regret to announce that - due to numerous, unforeseen reasons - The Tempest (Shakespeare in the Park) will not be produced by Open House Theatre this summer. As many of you know our original venue (Gardens of Schloss Pötzleinsdorf) is not available for us, and the potential venue we had found as a replacement could not be organised in time, which ultimately lead us to the decision not go forward with the production.

We understand that for those of you who have asked about the show, and were looking forward to the production, this will come as a blow. However, we at Open House Theatre take great pride in the quality of our productions, and feel that you, our audience, deserve the very best we have to offer. And under the current circumstances we wouldn't be able to provide the quality you deserve.

But plans for Shakespeare in the Park 2017 are already under way, so you can rest assured that Open House Theatre is indeed here to stay! We have some very exciting projects in the pipeline, and are looking forward to getting started on them.

At the very latest, we will be back in December with A Christmas Carol. In the meantime, we wish you all a very pleasant summer, and will keep you updated with any and all Open House Theatre productions and events.

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Alan Burgon
General Manager
Robert G. Neumayr
Artistic Director