Vienna's OTHER English Theatre
Congratulations on your wonderful show. You are a great cast. The children enjoyed themselves a lot. This year's version of "A Christmas Carol" is very creative.


Our aim is to bring a high level of professionalism, quality, and standards to each and every theatrical endeavour we subscribe to; to offer workshops and educational programmes to children and young people, as well as specific shows for youngsters and families. And finally, to offer opportunities for persons starting out in the industry.

It is our desire to instil once again, a love for the theatre. To get every single member of our audience engaged in a story that is being told right in front of them, and for them! We believe that good theatre is appreciated by audiences of all ages, and we want to ignite a love of the stage, the written, and the spoken word in the next generation of theatre goers. This is why we at Open House Theatre Company want to produce great theatre. Because no matter who your target audience is, if done right, nobody gets left behind!